Northam Stakes

The Northam Stakes is Run in Northam

The Northam Race Club was initially established in 1863 and its home, the Northam Racecourse, is now one of Western Australia’s premier winter racecourses. The town of Northam, where both the Race Club and Racecourse reside, is nestled in the heart of the beautiful Avon Valley. Northam is just barely an hour’s drive from Perth along the Great Eastern Highway. The racecourse itself is situated on the edge of the Mortlock River on the eastern border of the town. The Northam Racecourse hosts on average 25 race meetings per year.

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Northam Stakes Day

The racing season in Northam will, yet again, have the running of the Northam Toyota Stakes Day as the first major event for the year. The Northam Stakes may be a rich sprint race, over a distance of only 1100m, and thus take merely a minute from start to finish, but the Northam Toyota Stakes Day is an entire occasion, lasting all day, with free entry and free kids entertainment, including a Bouncy Castle and face painting. A great Sunday outing for the whole family, and the opportunity to see Northam and appreciate the Australian countryside after the previous time out with Geelong Cup betting.

The Northam Racing Club hosts a number of additional, and also popular racing days at the Northan racecourse. These include the AVC WA Day Cup, in June, Gannon’s Ladies Day in October, and the XXXX Gold Northam Cup, also in October. All these days are epitomised by great horse racing, high levels of horse betting, and plenty of fashion on show. All in all, a wonderful day of style and entertainment for all horseracing and fashion aficionados.

The Northam Race Course

The course proper has a diameter of 2017m and 25m in width with a kikuyu grass surface, loam base and excellent sub soil drainage. The home straight is 425m long with a 5% camber on the home turn and 2-3% camber on the remaining straight.

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