Millionaires Club I Jackpot

Millionaires Club I Jackpot Slots Explained

One of the titles from Amaya Gaming that is well known in the online slot industry is the Millionaires Club I Jackpot slot. The way this game has been setup is fairly standard in terms of some of the original online slot games, and offers players a 3 reel game, with a single pay line. What you will not find in the Millionaires Club I Jackpot are wilds, symbols, scatters, nor any free spins. However, the big attraction to this game is the progressive jackpot prize that is on offer to players.

The game has the reputation of paying out some of the biggest online jackpots. Something else worth noting is that this slot can be played on your computer, but it is also available in a format that is compatible with Mac devices. The idea behind the Millionaire’s Club is that the only way to join this society is to actually be a millionaire. The slot aims at providing players with the opportunity to win a million, and so gain access to the society. Because of the simple three reels and 1 pay line setup, this game is really a traditional type of slot, and so will certainly appeal to players who enjoy that style of game.

Online Millionaires Club I Jackpot

The Millionaires Club I Jackpot by Amaya Gaming offers a progressive prize. The way that progressive jackpots work is quite simple. In fixed jackpot games, every time you login to start playing, the main jackpot prize will be set at a fixed amount. In progressive jackpot games however, like Millionaires Club I Jackpot, the main prize will be different every time. Because of the online nature of the slot, many players can be playing the same game at the exact same time. However, these games are all linked in terms of the jackpot.

As such, after each and every spin, the progressive jackpot that is available to all players will start to increase. The more players that are signed in at the same time mean that the jackpot value will increase more quickly. The principle here is that the main jackpot will continue to increase in value until the time that a player is able to claim the win. This might be just a few moments after the last spin, or it might take a long time before it pays out. This means that the value of the jackpot can become amazingly high.

Winning the Main Jackpot

For full details about the Millionaires Club I Jackpot, players can refer to the resources that are provided by the online casino. These pay tables will show you exactly what symbols you need to line up in order to claim the big win. It will also give details about the value of the bet you need to place in order to be eligible. Of course there are also smaller wins available, and players can get their hands on these by matching up different combinations of symbols. While these are a good way of getting small winnings, the main attraction for most is the big progressive jackpot.