Check out the Details of Dragon Slot HTML5 Casino Game

Dragon Slot HTML5, by Amaya, is an online casino game, available to play for free, or for real money. It uses standard slot machine rules, requiring the player to make a bet, and take a spin. The icons will spin, and if stopping in certain sequences, will grant the player winnings. Different combinations will grant bigger or smaller wins, while bonus symbols can grant free spins, massive payouts, and dazzling animations. Note that winning combinations do not have to be directly adjacent to match, and that the player may open these extra winning lines by choosing that betting option. By default, all betting lines are open.

Dragons Of Luck

The bonus icons in Dragon Slot HTML5 are represented by coloured dragons; red, black, green, blue and gold. They are not only beautifully designed, but animate when matching, for added effect. The dragons may be matched with each other for bonus wins, and the golden dragon stands as this game’s wild card, meaning that it may match with any of the other dragons.

The armoured knight icon, marked with the word free spins, grants free spins when he matches, which will play out automatically. The scatter icon, a golden skull, will trigger the bonus sequence when matched, which allows for the jackpot payouts in this game.  Classic card numbers and symbols are also used beside the dragon icons, as with most slot machine games.

Easy User Interface

Being designed to be played in a browser, the user interface of Dragon Slot HTML 5 is simple and widely spaced. The current account balance may be seen at the bottom, as well as the current bets per line. To change these options, click on the options menu on the right, which will open an easy to navigate window. You may also adjust sound options here, on or off, as well as the auto-spin options.

To activate the auto-spin feature, simply click it and move the dial up or down. The question mark, in the same root menu, will give details as to the winning combinations and their payouts. Below the options menu in online casino slots, represented by a series of circles, is the spin option, which, when clicked, will take a single manual spin.

Play In Your Browser

Dragon Slot HTML5 has been designed to run in browsers, including Chrome and Internet Explorer. This means that not only are the controls, options menus, and graphics perfectly optimised for a laptop or desktop computer, but that no permanent download will remain on your hard drive. Please note that the game requires Flash be installed on your computer in order to work. Flash is a small, free program, which when downloaded, automatically plugs into your browser. In order to get Flash, simply search for it in your favourite search engine, and click to have it installed. It installs as any other program does, and when finished the game will work simply by opening it. For more information about this game, its bonuses, or how to get Flash, please contact the customer support centre of the website on which you play.